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North Country Engineering, Inc. (NCE) provides Civil Engineering services to a vast client base in Upper Michigan including federal, state, and local governments and private land owners and developers. A problem is a solution in the works, we provide solutions for you! We are accessible and available to assist you with any Civil Engineering project and can meet with you on-site to discuss your needs or provide on-site technical assistance.

The following is a list of some of the services we can provide:

Hydrology, Drainage, and Storm Sewer

  • Hydrological evaluations (NRCS and Rational Methods)
  • Reporting for erosion control and Drain Commission requirements
  • Analysis of watersheds, soils, etc. for localized peak flow and forecasting
  • HEC-RAS modeling and floodplain analysis
  • Rosgen channel classification and reference reach determination
  • Grade control structure and small (low-head) dam design
  • Design of collection and piping systems and outfalls
  • Design of retention and detention basins
  • Storm water management plans

Natural Resources

  • Erosion and sediment control plans (upland, lake, or stream)
  • Aquaculture ponds and structures
  • Stream and river restoration (incl. Rosgen and bioengineering/ biotechnical design)
  • Fish passage structure
  • Wetland assessment, delineation, and permit assistance
  • Wetland restoration, enhancement or creation: including ponds, forested, emergent, lake plain, and scrub shrub
  • Shoreline stabilization and erosion control

Site and Plat Design

  • Planning and layout of residential, commercial and/or recreational properties
  • Grading and drainage design
  • Utility planning and design:
    • Evaluations for on-site wells and septic if not served by municipal facilities
    • Water main and appurtenances, laterals
    • Sanitary sewer and laterals (or septic)
    • Storm sewer and appurtenances
    • Curb and sidewalk
    • Retaining walls & reinforced earth structures
    • Road alignment and pavement
  • Permitting assistance
  • Plat Development and Layout
  • Review Local Zoning and Building Code Requirements and Incorporate Requirements into Design

Road and Parking Lot Improvements

  • ROW and topographic surveys to develop street plan and profiles
  • Complete road and parking lot design including alignment, curb, and sidewalk
  • Design of all related items: markings, storm sewer, surface restoration
  • Bridge (short span, trail, and pedestrian) design
  • Culvert and crossing design

Marinas and Harbors

  • Planning, design, and layout of harbors, marinas and parks
  • Design of boat launches, fishing piers, and fish cleaning station to meet ADA and Universal Access guidelines
  • Utility and facility planning and design
  • Landscaping and trail planning and design

Structural Engineering

  • Foundation and earth retaining structure design
  • Residential structural design and analysis
  • FHA/mortgage structural evaluation and report
  • Low head dam design and inspection
  • Short span and pedestrian bridge design and inspection

Water Distribution Systems

  • Municipal distribution system analysis and design
  • Basis of design (feasibility) studies
  • Municipal well development
  • Residential well development
  • Hydraulic evaluations
  • Specialized design for elevated and cold-weather storage tanks

Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Municipal system analysis (I/I and SSES studies)
  • Facility planning
  • Lift station and force main design
  • Collection system planning and design
  • Septic system and on-site treatment design (including non-conventional systems)

Permitting (Private Citizens to Commercial Clients)

  • Zoning and Site plan approvals
  • Meeting attendance if needed
  • Water system (MDEQ)
  • Sanitary sewer system (MDEQ)
  • Individual well and septic systems (Local Health Department)
  • Soil erosion control (local Soil Erosion Control Authority)
  • MDOT, County road, municipal entrance and ROW (MDOT and/or Road Commission)
  • Storm sewer and drainage (County Drain Commissioner)
  • Wetlands (MDEQ)

We can assist with applications for permits for ALL Local and Government Agencies

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